We are a small company which operates in engineering and related fields. We balance our size with an operational and flexible approach. Our roots date back to 2001 when we started working with several French companies, especially the AERAZUR (today ZODIAC AEROSPACE). We participate in deliveries of airplane trapping devices for military airports (including the Army of the Czech Republic). This is one of our main activities.

The second line is engineering production from subcontracting cooperatives to large units in the form of dedicated machines and lines, mainly for automotive. We can design and manufacture complex equipment according to customer requirements.

We don't just give our customers promises. We work so that customers are satisfied.

We are pleased to advise you that on 10 May, 2019 STOPSAU s.r.o. obtained ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Manufacturing, automation, delivery and commissioning of single-purpose machines and lines. The certification was conducted by renowned Swiss auditor agency SGS. You can check the authenticity of the certificate at